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theNEWDEAL band review collage by aoxoa

theNEWDEAL | Euphoria Music and Camping Festival

Live music lovers got down on April 15, 2015 as theNEWDEAL opened up for Ghostland Observatory at the Euphoria Music Festival.  theNEWDEAL served up an intense and brilliant set of live breakbeat house.

Enjoy the following review in photos by live music photographer Chris “AoxoA” Hooper.

theNEWDEAL Band Review

Veterans of the jam scene, theNEWDEAL create their own interpretations of electro house, trance, breakbeat and drum & bass. They do this on the fly— live, improvisational style.

People say theNEWDEAL, “brought traditionally electronic music to the live music scene.”  This has come full circle as theNEWDEAL is bringing live music to the electronic music scene.

Supposedly the band does not rehearse or know what they will play before taking the stage. Basically, the compositions fans are familiar with were all created on stage as a result of recurring jams.

On this night, the audience witnessed the band in great form. From escalating excursions to breathtaking vistas, theNEWDEAL went full on and didn’t let up.

thenewdeal bassist dan kurtz at euphoria music festival by aoxoa

Bassist Dan Kurtz of theNEWDEAL.

 Joel Stouffer of thenewdeal at euphoria music festival aoxoa

Drummer Joel Stouffer of theNEWDEAL.

Jamie Shields of thenewdeal at euphoria music festival aoxoa

Keyboardist Jamie Shields of theNEWDEAL.

thenewdeal band review pic of dan kurtz by aoxoa

Dan Kurtz and theNEWDEAL have over 200 recorded shows available at the Internet Archive and etree.

thenewdeal's Joel Stouffe at euphoria music festival aoxoa

Joel Stouffer and Dan Kurtz toured worldwide for seven years as part of the electro-pop band Dragonette.

thenewdeal Jamie Shields at euphoria music festival by aoxoa

Jamie Shields does not loop keyboard tracks. He prefers to play everything live, even repeated patterns.

theNEWDEAL Band Review

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