Motet – Euphoria Music Festival 2014

A collage of Motet concert photographs by Chris Hooper

The Motet

The Motet is a band from Colorado that plays improvisational, funky, dance music.

The funk, disco, afrobeat and electronic music influences inspire a modern yet vintage sound that takes you beyond the glory days of danceable funk music. Listen to their music on SoundCloud.

The Motet played two sets at the Euphoria Music and Camping Festival 2014. On Friday they performed Jamiroquai covers on the main euphoria stage. On Saturday their original tunes were presented at the unearth tent. Both sets were amazing.

Jans Ingber on congas at Euphoria Festival
Jans Ingber, vocalist & percussion

Garrett Sayers plays bass for Motet
Garrett Sayers, bass

Matt Pitts on tenor sax
Matt Pitts, tenor sax

Joey Porter playing keyboard at EMCF14
Joey Porter, keys

Ryan Jalbert playing guitar, Gabe Mervine on trumpet EMCF14
Ryan Jalbert, guitar / Gabe Mervine, trumpet

Dave Watts plays drum for the Motet
Dave Watts, drums

The Motet on stage at the Euphoria Festival
The Motet, Euphoria Music and Camping Festival 2014

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