Lotus Band | Lotus Music | Livetronica

The Lotus Band plays Music called Livetronica

Lotus | an American Band

Lotus, an instrumental electronic jam band, was a closing act on the main stage at Euphoria Music and Camping Festival 2014 (EMCF14).  Their unique style of livetronica (or jamtronica) had the massive crowd feeling good.  You can check out their music on SoundCloud.

The images below have a feeling, an energy and a mood that transcends traditional concert photography.  Indeed, I enjoy pushing that envelope.  The techniques used to develop the images sometimes reveal abstract figures that your imagination wants to recognize.

Mike Rempel of Lotus on guitar at EMCF14
Mike Remple, Guitar

Luke Miller plays keyboard and guitar at EMCF14
Luke Miller, Keyboards and Guitar

Jesse Miller plays Bass at the Euphoria Music Festival
Jesse Miller, Bass and Sampler

Mike Greenfeild playing drums
Mike Greenfeild, Drum set

Chuck Morris of Lotus by Chris Hooper
Chuck Morris, Percussion

American band Lotus on the Euphoria stage
On the Euphoria Stage, EMCF14

Lotus Band | Livetronica

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