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Chris Hooper is a photo retoucher, based in Austin TX, offering image retouching, post-processing & digital photo editing services. Adobe Certified Associate.

Image Retouching

Many people consider photo retouching, post-processing and digital photo editing as interchangeable terms. Loosely defined as the art of manipulating an image. The goal is to transform a “straight out of camera” file to be closer to what our eyes saw, or to alter the image artistically. The changes can be subtle or drastic.

Semantics aside, image retouching, post-processing and digital photo editing is certainly an integral part of every great photograph or image that you admire.  In some cases, even a casual snapshot can be brought to life by using professional techniques to edit the image.

Post-Processing | Semantics

Photographers generally break the semantics down as follows:

Post-Processing: In digital photography, post-processing means adjusting your photography files using image-editing software like Adobe Photoshop. This digital photo editing can include processing and/or retouching.

Processing: The basics of interpreting and improving an image file by using various adjustments to temperature, white balance, exposure, contrast, tonality, clarity, saturation, and sharpness. Minor defect removal, dodging and burning would be included in this as well as black & white conversions, and other effects, etc.  These basic adjustments are applied to the image as a whole. The process is also referred to as editing.

Retouching: Making advanced adjustments to a processed (or edited) image. The portrait photo retoucher removes blemishes, stray hairs, and decreases the severity of dark circles under the eyes. It includes skin smoothing, body sculpting, removal of unwanted objects and distracting elements. A photo retoucher can also change or replace backgrounds, create clipping paths, etc…


  1. Portrait/ General photo retouching
  2. Product enhancement
  3. Clipping paths and white backgrounds
  4. Restoration
  5. Creative editing
  6. Real Estate Retouching


There are no fixed prices for image retouching. The cost is based on the amount of time needed and the skill level required for your project.

Contact by email for a quote.  Be prepared to send, or email a link to, the photo you’d like to have retouched.  You can include a list of some of the specific things you would like addressed.

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