Grandtheft Review | Euphoria Music Festival

grandtheft aoxoa euphoria music festival 2015

Grandtheft | Euphoria Music Festival

April 11, 2015: Grandtheft unleashed a monster set that pulled a large crowd at the fourth annual Euphoria Music and Camping Festival.

Live music photographer Chris “AoxoA” Hooper presents a quick review for your pleasure.

Grandtheft Review in Photos

Grandtheft is a Producer/Songwriter/DJ/VJ based out of Montreal, Canada. He learned piano as a kid.  This understanding of music and composition serve him well. His varied audience at Euphoria swelled into a huge dancing crowd.

Grandtheft was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the Euphoria Music and Camping Festival 2015.

euphoria music festival dragon fly logo photo by aoxoa

The Euphoria Music Festival’s dragonfly logo on screen with minimal stage lighting.

grandtheft aoxoa euphoria music festival 2015

Grandtheft appreciating the Euphoria Music Festival audience.

aoxoa euphoria music festival 2015 front row

Very happy on the front row.

aoxoa front row at euphoria music festival 2015

This guy (in the superman shirt). He stayed in that exact pose for maybe 10 frames while everyone around him was moving (see photo above). Hats off to you, sir!

Front row euphoria music festival 2015 (aoxoa)

Everyone having a good time with Grandtheft.

euphoria music camping festival 2015 stage aoxoa

Another dose of cool lighting shines out into the crowd.

grandtheft review aoxoa euphoria music festival 2015

A special shout-out to Texas State. I see ya’ll out there in the twitterverse.

aoxoa euphoria music festival 2015 dragonfly

The green Dragonfly.

Grandtheft Review

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