Meet the Family

My name is Chris Hooper.  My family and I live in Austin, Texas.

aoxoa family chris hooper

Chris “AoxoA” Hooper with lovely wife and son.


AoxoA was created for you to see my digital art, images, and photography.  In the blog, you’ll discover articles about music, photography, technology, handpan, cultural history and travel.

AoxoA is a palindrome whose meaning may be interpreted the same way in either forward or reverse direction. The word is pronounced by saying each letter individually as you would when reciting the alphabet—a, o, x, o, a. After a few attempts it will roll off your tongue sounding like some new language.

Welcome to my place on the web.


As you can see from the images, my style varies from capturing genuine organic natural images to creating images that are digitally processed to create special effects and designs.

I accept personal, editorial, commercial and event photography assignments in a variety of genres.

  • Live music and events.
  • Portraits.
  • Modeling.
  • Architecture.
  • Design.
  • Documentary.
  • Landscapes.

Retoucher | Post Processing

I am an Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop.  I provide custom retouching and post processing for almost every type of photographic work.  Turn your ordinary photos to extraordinary works of art.

  • Digital enhancements.
  • Remove objects.
  • Retouch Models
  • Add typography and design.

Posters | Flyers | Social Media Banners

Posters, flyers and social media banners for your events.