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It’s April 10, 2015 and the crowd at Euphoria Music and Camping Festival is busting with excitement as Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) takes the stage. Leaders of the livetronica genre, STS9 seem genuinely stoked to unleash their brilliant soundscapes of funk, jazz, down-tempo, hip hop and psychedelic rock. On this night, STS9 did not disappoint.

Here is a look back at STS9’s first headlining festival of 2015 (set from Euphoria Music Festival).

STS9 Review in Photos

sts9 Alana Rocklin at Euphoria music festival AoxoA

Alana Rocklin of STS9 on bass.

sts9 David Phipps at Euphoria music festival AoxoA

David Phipps of STS9 on keyboards.

sts9 Jeffree Lerner at Euphoria music festival AoxoA

Jeffree Lerner of STS9 on percussion.

sts9 Hunter Brown Euphoria music festival AoxoA

Hunter Brown of STS9 on guitar and keys.

sts9 David Phipps aoxoa Euphoria music festival

Keyboardist for STS9 David Phipps

sts9 review Alana Rocklin by aoxoa at Euphoria music festival

Bassist for STS9 Alana Rocklin.

sts9 Zach Velmer aoxoa Euphoria music festival

Zach Velmer of STS9 on drums.

sts9 Hunter Brown aoxoa Euphoria music festival

STS9’s Hunter Brown getting it on guitar.

STS9 has a particular style of instrumental “post-rock dance music” that evokes a communal, jam-bandish atmosphere. An atmosphere of improvisation that is in the same vein as the old jam-band forbearers like the Grateful Dead, Phish and Widespread Panic.

Transcending mere electronica, the performance was warm, intellectual and filled with richly sophisticated beats, grooves and melody. This was a sonic journey overflowing with clever instrumentation, energy and spirit.

STS9 Review the Euphoria show on SoundCloud

STS9 Review in Photos

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