Jean Riga Stassart Shotgun

Jean Riga Stassart Shotgun

16 gauge Jean Riga-Stassart Belgium Shotgun made in 1924.

This shotgun is a work of art and a fine piece of workmanship that embodies Belgium’s long and admired history of firearm making.  This shotgun reveals 100% engraving coverage and magnificent checkering that is an envy for the senses.

This 16 gauge Belgium side by side shotgun was made in 1924 by gunsmith Jean Riga-Stassart.  It is a classic Anson & Deeley hunting rifle of Liège manufacture. It is a well-marked Jean Riga-Stassart, an arms manufacturer patented in Liege, Belgium. English stick.  Barrel length 675mm (26.5748”).

The markings

  • C: Year letter of 1924.
  • P under star: countermark of a controller since 1877.
  • Lion on PV: Smokeless powder test since 1898.
  • Peron: inspection since 1853.
  • 16 C in vertical diamond: size (between 1898 and 1924).
  • ELG on star in crowned oval: acceptance between 1893 and 1968.
  • P 1 K170 : weight of the barrel capable of firing smokeless powders (since 1924).
  • D=65 on 18.9: length of the chamber in mm and diameter in mm after the provisional test.
  • EL: provisional test since 1852.
  • CHOKE 16.9 : choked barrels caliber at 22 cm from the breech.
  • JM in oval: it could be the initials of the gunner Joseph Ch. Monisse.
  • Martin Siemens Steel: type of steel produced according to the Martin-Siemens system (see Wikipedia:édé_Martin-Siemens ).
  • Jean Riga-Stassart, patented arms manufacturer, 288 rue Vivegnis in Liege, was registered with the Liege proofhouse from 1908 to 1936. He filed a Belgian patent for a bolt lock for tilting barrel rifles. The activities were taken over by Léon Stassart in 1938.
  • He also worked in export since we found his name on an advertisement by a Warsaw gunsmith in a 1928 Polish hunting magazine (on the second page)


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