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emancipator Ensemble review aoxoa

Maybe it has been a while since you thought about the time Emancipator Ensemble captivated Euphoria Music Festival’s organic groove seekers. After all, that splendid performance was back in April 10, 2015.

Emancipator Ensemble was an all-encompassing musical experience with layers upon layers of chilled and flowing sound.

Lets enjoy a few images from that experience.

Emancipator Ensemble Review in Photos

doug Appling emancipator ensemble aoxoa euphoria music festival

Doug Appling, the original emancipator, is a multi-talented producer who plays guitar, violin, and piano.

ilya Goldberg violin emancipator ensemble aoxoa euphoria music festival

Ilya Goldberg on violin adds a melodic layer of harmonious flowing style to the emancipator sound.

mub fractal emancipator ensemble aoxoa

Mub Fractal on bass. Master of many styles, he brings an underlying feeling of balance and unwavering groove to the mix. And, yes, he can get so funky and down with the beat.

colby Buckler drummer emancipator ensemble aoxoa euphoria

Last but not least, Colby Buckler on drums. They call him a hip-hop groove specialist. He is smooth and impressive, adding fresh dynamics that can not be denied.

Listen to Emancipator Ensemble on SoundCloud:

Emancipator Ensemble Review

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