Cold War Kids – Utopiafest 2014


Cold War Kids – Rocked Utopiafest 2014

The Cold War Kids seemed to explode onto the scene in 2006 with their major label debut album Robbers & Cowards. Their blues-rock influenced indie sound earned them a cult like following. As album sales quickly approached 200,000 copies, the band embarked on a worldwide non-stop tour that lasted two years.

The Cold War Kids continue as a successful band. Their albums chart in the upper end of the Billboard 200 with two reaching the 21st positions. A few highlights of their success include a US headline tour, performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live and festival appearances in Bonnaroo, Coachella, Lollapalooza and Utopiafest.

Their live show at Utopiafest 2014 was full of energy and synergy that was nothing short of dynamic. Chris Hooper, a concert and festival photographer based in Austin Texas encapsulated the vibe in the following images:

Cold War Kids on Utopiafest's Cypress Stage

Cold War Kids on Utopiafest’s Cypress Stage.

Dann Gallucci plays guitar

Dann Gallucci plays guitar while in a red-lit, smoke-filled, silhouette.

Joe Plummer-cold-war-kids-aoxoa-utopiafest

Joe Plummer on drums. Being bathed in lights and smoke makes an interesting, although nearly impossible, shot.

Matt Maust on bass guitar.

Matt Maust on bass guitar.

Matt Maust at utopiafest

Matt Maust was all over the stage. He never stopped.

Cold War Kids Matthew Schwartz at utopiafest

Matthew Schwartz on keyboard.with the Cold War Kids.

Cold War Kids by AoxoA at utopiafest

The live show is much more energetic than the studio albums.

Cold War Kids on stage at Utopiafest

Loved the classic stage lighting.

Nathan Willett Matt Maust of Cold War Kids

Nathan Willett on vocals and guitar with the ever present Matt Maust on bass.


Nathan Willett, vocals, piano, guitar.

Matt Maust and Nathan Willett rocking Utopiafest

Matt Maust and Nathan Willett rocking Utopiafest.

cold-war-kids-Matt Maust

The strong back-lighting put the band in visually appealing silhouettes.

Dann Gallucci and Matt Maust at utopiafest

Cold War Kids jam together.

cold-war-kids-Dann Gallucci-utopiafest

Did anyone hear the maraca over the amplified instruments?


The bass player was always in the right spot at the right time.


Beautiful lighting that is very challenging for a photographer to get a clear image of the band.

Cold War Kids at Utopiafest by AoxoA

Cold War Kids performed non-stop—no breaks or idle chit-chat–just straight up go.

Dann Gallucci Cold War Kids Utopiafest by AoxoA

Dann Gallucci plays guitar and adds vocals for the Cold War Kids.


Matthew Schwartz of the Cold War Kids adds keyboard and vocals.


Nathan Willett concentrating on his guitar lick.

Cold War Kids on stage at Utopiafest

Hang me up to dry, All this could be yours…..

Cold War Kids – Rock, Soul, Punk Music

Be sure to check out their music on SoundCloud. My favorite stuff is their more rock/punk songs.  I am not much into soulful ballads.

Cold War Kids

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  1. This was my first time seeing Cold War Kids live and I loved this show! The set list was a perfect mix of old and new songs. I will be sure to see them live every time they come on tou cc3 r.

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