Beats Antique | Electro-Acoustic Psychedelic trio

Beats Antique collage by Chris Hooper

Beats Antique – World Fusion, Electronic Dance Music

Beats Antique, one of the significant acts of our time, delivers delicious, soul reaching rhythms and a multitude of live instrumental grooves blended together with electronic elements.  Add to that a breathtaking spectacle of tribal fusion and performance art of mysticaldelic proportions and you have a show that appeals to Burners, world music lovers and EDM-ers alike.

Known worldwide, they got their start with Tribal Derivations a sort of Middle Eastern inspired trip-hop belly dance music. –A fusion of old school jazz, hip-hop, and psychedelia, all rolled up into a framework of Middle Eastern influence.

Chris Hooper, a concert photographer based in Austin, created compelling images of the trio as they performed live during the Euphoria Music and Camping Festival 2014 (EMCF14).

Sidecar Tommy Cappel gestures to the crowd during EMCF14

Sidecar Tommy Cappel (keys, toy piano, drums) points to the audience.

Zoe Jakes performs on drum with Beats Antique

Several abstract forms beckon to be recognized as Zoe beats her drum.

Beats Antuque's David Satori on guitar

David Satori (guitar, saz, viola, and percussion) gets down on guitar.

tribal fusion belly dancer zoe jakes

Zoe Jakes doing a belly dance where the stomach is in undulation. A serpent revealed itself behind her during image development.

Sidecar Tommy on drum set with beats antique

Looks like a water color. Sidecar Tommy laying down some hypnotic rhythms at Euphoria Music Festival.

Zoe Jake fan dances at Euphoria Music Festival

A fan dance extraordinaire.

Beats Antuque's David Satori on violin at Euphoria

Mutli-talented David Satori plays violin in silhouette.

zoe jakes playing drum with beats antique

The sweet Zoe not only bewildered with her belly dance but amps up the vibe on the drum.

Sidecar Tommy performs on drum set with Beats Antique

Abstract reptilian reveals itself during the processing of this image of Sidecar Tommy Cappel.

Beats Antuque's Zoe Jakes plays drum

It is a hi-energy affair with Zoe Jakes on drum.

Beats Antuque's David Satori playing snare drum

David Satori adds to the poly-rhythms of Beats Antique.

AoxoA Photography captures Zoe Jakes

Nothing quit like the electro-gypsy sound.

Beats Antique – Electro-Gypsy Music

Be sure to check out their music on SoundCloud. My favorite is Tribal Deviations:

Beats Antique – Electro-Acoustic Psychedelic trio

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