Kishi Bashi – Utopiafest 2014 – Review

Collage of Kishi Bashi by AoxoA Chris Hooper

Kishi Bashi – Captivates Utopiafest 2014

Kishi Bashi is an alias for, and project of, renowned violinist, multi-instrumentalist, loop artist and songwriter Kaoru Ishibashi.  His captivating virtuoso musical ability has fostered a groundswell of devotees.

Kishi Bashi’s Kickstarter-funded debut album 151a was self-released, recorded and produced in 2012. NPR awarded it the “Best New Artist of The Year”. It received applause from Huffington Post, Paste, Spin, Stereogum, and many others. Microsoft, Smart and Sony licensed songs from the album for commercial use.

Kishi Bashi has since toured across the globe and has played in major festivals such as SXSW and Austin City Limits and Utopiafest.  Concert and festival photographer Chris Hooper (aka AoxoA) presents images of Kishi Bashi’s live show at Utpiafest 2014 and media clips from various sources.

Kaoru Ishibashi of kishi bashi at utopiafest by Chris Hooper AoxoA photography

Kaoru Ishibashi performs some of his show as a one-man symphony using live violin and vocal looping and beat boxing.

Mike Savino of Tall Tall Trees plays with kishi-bashi at utopiafest by chris hooper

Mike Savino from the tall tall trees is not your grandaddy’s banjo player. His color-changing “space banjo” allows for looping and percussion effects.

kishi-bashi-utopiafest-photography by aoxoa Chris Hooper

Kaoru Ishibashi brings out the touring band for the rest of the show.


Bassist Daniel Brunner also plays keys and does up to 50 push-ups.

Philip Mayer the drummer for kishi bashi at utopiafest by aoxoa hooper

Philip Mayer on drums.

Kishi Bashi – Indie pop & rock, psychedelic pop, electronic, experimental

Be sure to check out their music on SoundCloud.

Kishi Bashi – Utopiafest 2014 – Review

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