BoomBox – American Band – Psychedelic Sounds

Concert photograper AoxoA's collage of BoomBoxBoomBox

BoomBox – Euphoria Music & Camping Festival 2014

BoomBox is an American band that defies genres—they are an experience. It’s groovy rock and roll, a fusion of vintage psychedelic rock and electronica with a healthy dose of funky house and good, old-fashioned blues.  Indeed, songwriter Zion Godchaux on guitar/vocals, and DJ Russ Randolph on the sequencers and turntables, really know how to jam.

The people love BoomBox.  So much so that they play sold-out shows nationwide and successfully crowd-funded (via Kickstarter) their new album Filling In The Color.

AoxoA’s festival photography immortalized a slight tracer of their performance at the Euphoria Music Festival. The duo’s unique live jam and electronic elements epitomize Euphoria’s new formula.

BoomBox on stage at Euphoria Music Festival

BoomBox headline the unEarth tent at the Euphoria Music Festival. Quality lasers by Hunter Owen.

Boombox's Zion Godchaux on guitar and vocals

Singer / songwriter / DJ Zion Godchaux on the guitar and lead vocals.

boombox's Russ Randolphon sequencers, groove boxes, turntables

Producer / DJ Russ Randolph on sequencers, groove boxes and turn-tables.

BoomBox Music

Be sure to check out their music on SoundCloud. Below are some music samples:


BoomBox – American Band – Psychedelic Sounds

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