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Sphynx the Band of Glam

If you have not heard of Sphynx the band from Austin TX, it is probably because you are not into space-glam rock. That’s ok.  I never heard of them either–until they rocked the stage at Utopiafest.  These guys are rock stars. Maybe not world famous yet, but rock stars nonetheless.

Sphynx Band Members

  1. Cory “Can’t Stop” Dennis (Vocals/Synths)
  2. Aaron “Won’t Stop” Miller (Vocals/Guitars)
  3. Todd “Might Stop” Harris (Drums/Percussion/Bass)
Cory Dennis of Sphynx the band

Cory “Can’t Stop” Dennis (Vocals/Synths).

aaron miller of the sphynx band by aoxoa

Aaron “Won’t Stop” Miller (Vocals/Guitars).

todd harris of sphynx band by aoxoa

Todd “Might Stop” Harris (Drums/Percussion/Bass)

Sphynx Music Style

Sphynx is a psychedelic glam-rock band with synth-pop roots.

Their facebook page claims they are, “like Queen, but with two Freddy Mercurys and also Phil Collins.”  Whoa, that is quite a statement. Still, many compare them to icons like Prince and David Bowie. Their sound, however, is uniquely their own and stands testament to a new era of great musicians.

cory Dennis of sphynx the band by AoxoA

Cory “Can’t Stop” Dennis.

 todd harris of sphynx band by AoxoA

Todd “Might Stop” Harris.

Cory Dennis of sphynx the band by AoxoA

Whipping long hair of Cory Dennis.

Sphynx the Live Show

Their live shows are high energy, one of a kind affairs with just enough bizarre to make even the most jaded feel a bit giddy.

Visually, Sphynx is currently known for furry jackets/vests, leather, the skinniest of skinny jeans, and long flowing hair. The performance features no holds barred rock theatrics as they jump in unison, kick the air and, most importantly, the whirling, twirling of their head-banging hair.

Musically, Sphynx delivers a catchy, danceable, fun vibe that is a perfect synthesis of throwback and futuristic elements.

In short, Sphynx owns the stage.

sphynx the band by aoxoa

“Like queen, but with two Freddy Mercurys and also Phil Collins.”

aaron miller of sphynx band by AoxoA

Aaron “Won’t Stop” Miller.

sphynx band aaron miller by AoxoA

Aaron Miller embodies psychedelic glam rock at its finest.

Sphynx Band Accomplishments

Home grown in Austin TX—the live music capital of the world—the space glam trio has many accomplishments under their belt.

  • 2012 top 10 “Best New Bands” –Austin Music Awards.
  • 2014 ranked 3rd “Best Indie Band” –Austin Music Awards
  • Mayor Lee Leffingwell proclaimed February 13, 2014 as “Sphynx Day”
  • Logged over 300 shows in 38 states
  • Festivals: Austin City Limits Festival, Bunbury, Center of the Universe, Chaos in Tejas, CMJ, Fire Arts Fest, Homegrown Fest, Midpoint, SXSW, and UtopiaFest among others.
  • Praise by USA Today, Nylon Magazine, Fuse, and Diffuser.
cory Dennis of sphynx by AoxoA

Sphynx’s Cory Dennis delivers baritone.

todd harris of sphynx by AoxoA

The explosiveness of Todd Harris.

sphynx band aaron miller by aoxoa

Sphynx’s Aaron Miller.

Sphynx Links


  • ‘Human Beast’ – 2011
    ‘Human Beast’ Japanese Edition – 2011 Thistime Records
  • Pre Wild’ EP- 2012
  • Live From Earth’ LP (CD/Vinyl) – 2015

Sphynx the Band | Sphynx Music | Austin Texas

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