Euphoria Music and Camping Festival 2014

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Discover the fun.  You will love the many photographs in this short but informative review of the Euphoria Music and Camping Festival 2014 by photographer Chris Hooper (a.k.a. AoxoA).

Update link: Euphoria Music Festival announced 2015 lineup

Euphoria Music and Camping Festival 2014

The Euphoria Music Festival, an event in Texas, has grown a lot since its debut in 2012. It started as an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) event with extraordinary visuals, stage design, and dance tents. Using this EDM core as a catalyst, they integrated live music, workshops, art galleries and fan interaction into an on-site camping festival that is making its mark on the national scene.

The Euphoria Music and Camping Festival managed to retain an intimate experience even though approx. 5,000 people attended the event in 2014. Maybe its because they are not owned or operated by a large music corporation. Regardless, my hope is it will become an annual tradition in Austin, Texas.

Euphoria Music and Caming Festival 2014 festival goers

Carson Creek Ranch – Austin TX

Festival organizers chose Carson Creek Ranch as a venue to allow festival goers more room to enjoy the Euphoria experience.

Carson Creek Ranch is located in Austin, Texas.  It is one of the oldest existing ranches in Texas with 40 acres of pasture that border the Colorado River.  With downtown visible on the horizon, the grounds provide a picturesque setting that is ideal for festival camping while still within quick reach of the city’s urban resources.

carson creek ranch borders colorado river

carson creek ranch in austin

For those unfamiliar with Austin (ATX), it is referred to as the “live music capital of the world.” ATX is home to South by South West (SXSW), Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL) and many other music festivals. The town has a good vibe. It’s a place where passionate music lovers from all walks of life blend together in a swirl of dynamics that encompass the Austin experience. Needless to say Austinites are serious about their music. And, without missing a beat, the Euphoria Music Festival did its part to impress the people of Austin.

huge tree at carson creek ranch

carson creek ranch austin texas chris hooper

A new formula for Euphoria

Vivid Sound Entertainment, the parent company hosting Euphoria, along with Inside Out Presents and Havin’ a Ball Productions opened up a new experience for the traditional EDM fan by including funk and jam bands alongside an impressive roster of DJs and live dance music performers.  The linking of electronic DJ sets with live jam bands is effective and may have surprised the EDM world.  However, the focus on integrating what Austin is recognized for (live music) with Euphoria’s core (DJ sets) seems like a natural progression.

Euphoria Music and Camping Festival revolution aoxoa

As festival organizer Mitch Morales states,

“In moving back into Austin, we really wanted to create a lineup that was reflective of the rich tradition of live music found here…the goal of this year’s lineup is to show how seamlessly you can bridge the gap between EDM and live dance music.”

Kevin Woods, a Co-Owner of Euphoria and founder of Inside Out Presents, also commented on the new experience,

“This year (2014), expect to see a lot more live music, live art, yoga, workshops and art installations. We’ve been working really hard to provide Euphorians with an experience unlike anything they’ve seen before.”

It’s a good formula as most people eventually grow to appreciate more than just one style of music.

Festival goer makes heart sign

Art – Activities – Workshops – Yoga

The emphasis on art and fan interaction added something more to the character of the event.

Artist could be found painting throughout the day, especially near the stages where the energy was powerful. They painted canvas, they painted festival goers and they painted to paint.

euphoria music and camping festival art aoxoa

Euphoria Music and Camping Festival artist

SprATX (pronounced Spray-TX), a collective of street artists and muralists set up near the main stage. Huge murals were spray painted and seemed to be different each time you walked by.

spratx at Euphoria Music and Camping Festival

spratx at Euphoria Music and Camping Festival aoxoa

The Euphoria Art Area was toward the back and included the Alloveus Art Gallery, featuring art from 20 visionary artists. Curated by Chance Roberts of Third Coast Visions, the gallery presented paintings, and sculptures.

Workshops were held there such as:  Live Painter Open Q&A, Collective Laughter Meditation Circle, Transformational Healing Foods (by Conscious Minds), Intro to Wire Wrapping (by GeoCraft Crystal), Partner Massage, Aromatherapy Essentials, and Hooping lessons (by neon-hoops).

Art gallery at Euphoria Music and Camping Festival

euphoria music and camping festival art samples

Collage above includes art by Bonnie Goodson, Christian Amadeus Rodriguez and others…

Surrounding the Alloveus art gallery were installation wonders that lite up at night.

The FRACTOID 2.1 offered interactive participation from festival goers. It is the world’s largest kinetic, interactive projection-mapped sound sculpture.

Fractoid at Euphoria Music and Camping Festival AoxoA Hooper

Fractoid at Euphoria Music and Camping Festival

OFFICIAL FRACTOID 2.1 from Gabriel Pulecio / LUSTIX on Vimeo.

Glowing, not far from the Fractoid, was a 3D geometry project called BILD (by bild). Pictured below is the Fluorite/Amethyst installation which was one part of the 3d geometry project.

Bild at Euphoria Music and Camping Festival

Right across from the gallery was the largest tree on the property. With wooden swings hanging from it’s strong limbs festival goers had no problem flying through the air as others sat in its shade.

swing at Euphoria Music and Camping Festival

Swinging at Euphoria Music and Camping Festival

There was plenty of room for hula-hoop or simply standing on your hands.

Euphoria Music and Camping Festival hula-hooper

Euphoria Music and Camping Festival hula-hooper yoga

You could participate in Yoga classes hosted by Austin-based Black Swan Yoga. Or, rest in one of the many riverside hammocks.

hammocks at Euphoria Music and Camping Festival

Hammock at Euphoria Music and Camping Festival

Fan interaction began long before the gates opened with multiple contests which included:

  • Dj Contest: Bianca Linta won the grand prize and got to play a 60 minute set on EMCF Main Stage.
  • Producer Contest: Sonic Geometry’s Rollin’ won the grand prize to play alongside acts at Euphoria and/or receive a full EP or track release on Audiophile Live Records.
  • Live Band Contest: Winners will be able to play their demo alongside various acts at Euphoria.
  • Top Promoter: with prizes ranging from swag bags, free tickets and other Euphoria Music & Camping Festival upgrades.
Bianca Linta plays at Euphoria Music and Camping Festival

Bianca Linta – Winner of the DJ contest.


The on-site camping options provided people with early access to the venue, private restrooms and showers, free drinking water (courtesy of Water for the Americas), a variety of vendors, and ATMs, morning yoga, meditation, and free late night music in the exclusive campground lounge and music bus.

The three options for camping included:

  1. Bring your own tent, etc
  2. Camp rentals that offered luxuries such as queen size beds, powered lanterns, coolers, and on-site staff.
  3. RV rentals with two options: RV Parking with power hookups or RV Parking without power hookups.

Euphoria Music and Camping Festival Aoxoa Hooper

Food – Water – Vendors

The festival grounds were easy to navigate and seemed to be just the right size for crowd flow and exploring. There were two free water stations (courtesy of Water for the Americas), food trucks (including vegetarian), and vendors offering everything from t-shirts, trinkets and hula-hoops, to tea and hand blown glass.

Vendors at Euphoria Music and Camping Festival

It is not often you can praise an events bathroom situation but Euphoria is the exception. The port-a-potties were relatively clean and were stocked with TP. The VIP bathrooms featured sinks, mirrors and A/C.

Bathrooms at Euphoria Music and Camping Festival

People of Euphoria

Diversity reigns and the following images are but a small sample of attendees. While most festival goers come as they are, many wear special clothes and decorations.

Remember: “There are no strangers at Euphoria, only friends you haven’t yet met!”

Headdress is not racism or genocide

Now hold on right there (and you know who you are)! Go to plains-style headdress to learn more.


































There were three stages on the festival grounds. Each stage offered a unique visual experience for the audience. The Dragonfly Amphitheater was set up on the bank of the Colorado River.   At night, the psychedelic projections that were cast on the stage and the trees across the river could be mesmerizing. The unEARTH Tent was stacked with lasers by Hunter Owen. The laser show was eye candy for even the most experienced festival goer. The Euphoria Stage, being the main stage, had the works: big stage production lights, LED screens, smoke cannons, etc…

BoomBox on stage at Euphoria Music Festival


Gareth Emery on Euphoria Festival's main stage

The Euphoria Music and Camping Festival also held Silent Disco Parties. Silent Disco is where people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones. Those without the headphones hear no music, giving the effect of a room or area full of people dancing to nothing.

Featured Acts (2014)

My favorite of the featured acts included: The Motet, DVBBS, Beats Antique, Zeds Dead, BoomBox, Bonobo, The Crystal Method, Gareth Emery and Lotus.  It is no wonder the festival got nation wide attention.

A collage of Motet concert photographs by Chris Hooper

See more about The Motet.

Girls dancing during the Crystal Method


See more DVBBS.


Beats Antique Sidecar Tommy and David Satori

See more of Beats Antique.


See more of Beats Antique.

Euphoria music and camping festival crowd


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Concert photograper AoxoA's collage of BoomBoxBoomBox

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Peace flag flys above Euphoria crowd


Performers Nnedi Nebula and Kirsten Clingman

Dancers perform during Crystal Method

Crowd from the stage Euphoria Music Camping Festival

Gareth Emery gesters on the main stage at EMCF14

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Front row behind Zeds Dead barricade

Mike Rempel of the band Lotus on guitar at the Euphoria Music Festival aoxoa

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Learn more about Lotus.


Learn more about Lotus.


Learn more about Lotus.


Learn more about Lotus.


Learn more about Lotus.

Top Acts – Euphoria’s Survey Result

The result of Euphoria’s fan base survey for the top acts of 2014 were:

  1. Zeds Dead
  2. The Crystal Method
  3. DVBBS
  4. Beats Antique
  5. Gareth Emery

Congrats to Euphoria’s favorite ‘local acts’ Elle Morgan & Noah Neiman!



Full Lineup list (2014):

A Live OneDJ MannyKiller B’s (Toddy B & Benny)Shwann
Andrew ParsonsDVBBSKoan SoundSimon Patterson
Beats AntiqueEarphunk and the Magic BeansLate Night RadioSingularity
Blunt ForceElectro EnforcersLotusSplic3r
Bonobo [Dj Set]Elle MorganLuke The KnifeStyles & Complete
BoomboxEminence EnsembleMakjSunsquabi
Bro SafariGamma vs. Teddy Chang vs. MoretaMitisThe Crystal Method
Cactus BathGareth EmeryNoah NeimanThe Floozies
Chad KossHenry and the InvisiblesOpiouThe Motet
Crash AlchemyHolding SpacePeligrosaTranscontinental Trip
CriasJesse BredePoe JuniorTYDI
D.V.S*Jessie AndrewsQouseyWes Walz
Daft PhunkKaycee PaulRiot Ten vs. AriokYoni
Dimitri’s AscentKeys N KratesSew DoughZeds Dead


Excluding early bird purchases and other discount promotions the cost was $99 (2-Day); $149 (2-Day w/ Camping); $169 (VIP)

History of Euphoria

Born on April 7, 2012 at the Thunderhill Raceway in Kyle TX (just south of Austin), the Euphoria Music Festival hit the ground running with an excellent line up, booming sound, and tantalizing stage lighting. Add in a healthy dose of Texas hospitality and you get the Euphoria experience.

Building upon its hugely successful debut, the Euphoria Music Festival returned to Texas on April 12 & 13, 2013. This time the location was at the Whitewater Amphitheater in New Braunfels, TX. Patrons of the event reportedly had a lasting feeling of joy and community that would hold them over until the next Euphoria experience.

The third installment, known as the Euphoria Music & Camping Festival, was held on April 25 & 26, 2014 at Carson Creek Ranch in Austin TX. The Euphoria experience now included live music, art, yoga, and workshops. And, this culminating result of its first three events has established it as one of the youngest and freshest music & arts festivals in the United States.

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Euphoria Music and Camping Festival 2014

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