The Crystal Method – Electronic Music Duo

edm photographer collage of Crystal Method

The Crystal Method – EMCF14

The Crystal Method, an electronic music duo, has accomplished a lot since the 1990’s.  Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland’s music has pierced the upper Billboard 200, been nominated for a Best Electronic/Dance Album Grammy, and has appeared in films, TV shows, and video games.  Their best selling album was certified platinum by the RIAA.

Their performance is charged with energy and according to the Village Voice they are “one of the best live dance acts on Earth.”  It is with pleasure that AoxoA presents original photographs of The Crystal Method playing at the Euphoria Music and Camping Festival 2014 (EMCF14).

aoxoa image of Crystal Methods Ken Jordan

Ken Jordan, of the The Crystal Method, DJs as smoke fills the stage.

Crystal Methods Scott Kirkland gestures to crowd

Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method amps up the crowd.

Euphoria music and camping festival crowd

Crowd reacts to The Crystal Method during the Euphoria Music and Camping Festival.

Performer spins a fire staff at Euphoria Music Festival

Stage performer uses a fire staff to entertain the crowd.

Performers Nnedi Nebula and Kirsten Clingman

Nnedi Nebula entertains the crowd with a hula-hoop while aerialist Kristen Clingman performs on the helix.

Girls dancing during the Crystal Method

Dance like no one is watching.

Stage dancers at EMCF14

Unique imagery of the Euphoria Music Festival stage dancers.

Peace flag flys above Euphoria crowd

Euphorians hoist the American and Peace flags above the crowd.

Dancers perform during Crystal Method

Stage dancers entertain the crowd during The Crystal Method performance.

Festival goer makes heart sign

Festival goer signs the heart at concert photographer Chris Hooper (aka AoxoA).

Crystal Method Music

Be sure to check out their music on SoundCloud.  Below are a couple of music samples:

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