The Crystal Method – Electronic Music Duo

edm photographer collage of Crystal Method

The Crystal Method – EMCF14

The Crystal Method, an electronic music duo, has accomplished a lot since the 1990’s.  Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland’s music has pierced the upper Billboard 200, been nominated for a Best Electronic/Dance Album Grammy, and has appeared in films, TV shows, and video games.  Their best selling album was certified platinum by the RIAA.

Their performance is charged with energy and according to the Village Voice they are “one of the best live dance acts on Earth.”  It is with pleasure that AoxoA presents original photographs of The Crystal Method playing at the Euphoria Music and Camping Festival 2014 (EMCF14).

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Gareth Emery – EDM Producer and DJ

AoxoA photography rules

Gareth Emery – Euphoria Fest 2014

Gareth Emery is a popular electronic dance music (EDM) producer and DJ.  Although he considers most dj rankings irrelevant, he ranked number 35 on the ‘Most Popular DJs in the World of All Time‘ list.  He fuses trance, house, and progressive as well as other music genres.  Hear his music on SoundCloud.

The images in this post were taken and processed by photographer Chris Hooper at the Euphoria Music and Camping Festival 2014 (EMCF14).  A survey of Euphorians ranked Gareth Emery in the top 5 acts of EMCF14.

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Motet – Euphoria Music Festival 2014

A collage of Motet concert photographs by Chris Hooper

The Motet

The Motet is a band from Colorado that plays improvisational, funky, dance music.

The funk, disco, afrobeat and electronic music influences inspire a modern yet vintage sound that takes you beyond the glory days of danceable funk music. Listen to their music on SoundCloud.

The Motet played two sets at the Euphoria Music and Camping Festival 2014. On Friday they performed Jamiroquai covers on the main euphoria stage. On Saturday their original tunes were presented at the unearth tent. Both sets were amazing.

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Lotus Band | Lotus Music | Livetronica

The Lotus Band plays Music called Livetronica

Lotus | an American Band

Lotus, an instrumental electronic jam band, was a closing act on the main stage at Euphoria Music and Camping Festival 2014 (EMCF14).  Their unique style of livetronica (or jamtronica) had the massive crowd feeling good.  You can check out their music on SoundCloud.

The images below have a feeling, an energy and a mood that transcends traditional concert photography.  Indeed, I enjoy pushing that envelope.  The techniques used to develop the images sometimes reveal abstract figures that your imagination wants to recognize.

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Native American Headdress – Music Festival Goers

Native American Headdress and Music Festival Goers

Native American Headdress Controversy

The original use and meaning of Native American headdress has evolved over the last 180 years of cultural appropriation. Now, music festival goers are under attack for style-copying the war bonnet. The anti-headdress drumbeat shouts false claims of genocide & racism, and unnecessarily attempts to create villains and guilt.

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DVBBS – Euphoria Music and Camping Festival

Chris Hooper Photography of DVBBS

DVBBS – Electronic Music Duo

DVBBS consist of brothers Alex and Chris Andre (formerly Van Den Hoef).  DVBBS music is sometimes classified as Electro house, big room house, hard-style, or bass heavy.

The uninhibited duo is in demand. Their most famous single “Tsunami” charted number 1 in the United Kingdom, Scotland, and the Netherlands. In addition to charting in various other countries worldwide via iTunes, “Tsunami” gained over 83 million views in under two years. It also reached #1 on the Beatport 100. The Canadian Urban Music Awards presented them with the “One To Watch” award in 2013.

Their banger set at Euphoria Music and Camping Festival was driving and full of energy and fun. Concert photographer Chris Hooper (aka AoxoA) was on hand to capture the moments.

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