Gareth Emery – EDM Producer and DJ

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Gareth Emery – Euphoria Fest 2014

Gareth Emery is a popular electronic dance music (EDM) producer and DJ.  Although he considers most dj rankings irrelevant, he ranked number 35 on the ‘Most Popular DJs in the World of All Time‘ list.  He fuses trance, house, and progressive as well as other music genres.  Hear his music on SoundCloud.

The images in this post were taken and processed by photographer Chris Hooper at the Euphoria Music and Camping Festival 2014 (EMCF14).  A survey of Euphorians ranked Gareth Emery in the top 5 acts of EMCF14.

Gareth Emery on Euphoria Festival's main stage

The stage. The lights. The smoke. The crowd. And, best of all, Gareth doing one of his signature gestures.

Gareth Emery gesters on the main stage at EMCF14

That gesture, nestled in a sweeping photograph of energy and emotion.

Crowd from the stage Euphoria Music Camping Festival

A simple view of the crowd from stage left.

Stage Dancers Euphoria Mustic Festival 2014

Stage dancers curtsey of the Euphoria Music and Camping Festival

Gareth Emery’s EDM Samples

The first track is considered trance music and the other sample is from compilation CDs and essential sets (aka sounds of Garuda from 2009).

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