Handpangea | The Original USA Handpan Gathering


The Original USA Handpan Gathering

This is a quick guide to the history of Handpangea. To discover what it was, AoxoA presents images and video as well as a write-up.


Handpangea was an annual gathering of handpan and Hang players, makers, and enthusiasts.  The event was inspired by HangOut UK, a festival in England celebrating the PanArt Hang.

The gathering had a three-year run from 2011-2013.  During that time it was the largest gathering of handpans in the western hemisphere.

In 2014, Hangout USA (an off shoot of HangOut UK) took the place of Handpangea. Although the name Handpangea may live on, the original as we knew it is gone.  Whispers mention the continuing of Handpangea at xxxxxxx Top Secret xxxxx.  So, the future may hold something better for the events name sake.

Update:  Handpangea was resurrected in Farmington for 2015

The original multi-day event was held at ‘Laughing Waters Retreat Center’, near Ashville, North Carolina.

Laughing Waters Handpangea 2011

The house at Laughing Waters retreat.

Although based in USA, participants came from around the globe. A wide assortment of sound sculptures were present; such as Bali Steel, BellArt Bells, Pantheon Steel Halo, PanArt Hang, SPB as well as similar and related instruments like the Zen Tambour.


Participants had plenty of chances to meet each other, listen to, and perhaps play a variety of handpan. The event featured live performances by well known handpan players, offered technique and other workshops. Another wonderful perk were the coveted Instrument raffles.


Handpangea Waterfall and Kyle Cox

Baptisma Falls and Kyle Cox of Pantheon Steel

Creek at Handpangea


The cost was relatively modest for the elite and expensive genre of the handpan.

Handpangea 2011: $104 per person (ticket cost $50 per adult. Breakfast, lunch and dinner cost $22 per day. Total cost was $94 + $10 for a Friday dinner = $104).

Handpangea 2012:  $150 per person for a 4-day registration, including all meals from Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch.

Handpangea 2013:  $200 per person for a 4-day registration, including all meals from Thursday dinner to Sunday dinner.

Handpangea Performers

Halo by Pantheon Steel

Handpangea workshops

  • Tabla Techniques for Handpans by Rusty James
  • Beginning/Intermediate Didgeridoo: Building and Expanding Your Practice with Peter Levitov
  • Exploring Metaphysical and Healing Perspectives with Maia Kshemya
  • Playing Handpans with Other Instruments (flute, percussion, vocals, etc.) with Randy Granger
  • Handpan Tips, Tricks & Techniques with Colin Foulke
  • Handpan Making Discussion/Q & A with Kyle Cox & Jim Dusin of Pantheon Steel
  • Linotune Demo with Lino
  • Improvisational Techniques with Janet Spahr


Handpangea Instrument Raffles

During each event, Kyle Cox and Jim Dusin of Pantheon Steel supported the event by holding two instrument raffles.

  1. A Pantheon Steel Halo to be purchased and taken home by the winner (scale of Kyle’s choice).
  2. A spot to purchase an upcoming production Batch of the Pantheon Steel Halo.

For two events Spike Finch raffled a FREE Zen Tambour, a tank drum, in the color and scale of the winner’s choice.

During one event, Bret Hutchinson raffled a FREE Idiopan with notes that adjusted to play over 50 different scales.

Handpan Halo SPB Hang Bells

Halo by Pantheon Steel

Video from Handpangea 2011

Most of these videos were created by Raymond Ford who has a YouTube channel and a Shutterfly website.

Handpangea 2011 – Animoto #1


Kyle Cox – G Penta Improv – 2011

Kyle Cox – Ursa Minor Improv – 2011

Tuning Session:

Jeremy Arndt & Colin Foulke – Handpangea 2011

Janet Spahr – Oona – 2011

More Handpan Topics

Hangism and Panism

Hangism and Panism is a work of art (or design) created by using a single digital image of a PanArt Hang or handpan. The image is duplicated, flipped, rotated, moved, and layered as needed. And, various adjustment details are applied.

Visit the online store for Hangism prints.

Visit the online store for Panism prints.


Handpangea | The Original USA Handpan Gathering

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