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You can buy a handpan instrument from our filtered list. Several brands and scales are presented. Most of them feature lower price points and there is usually no wait list.

Special Offer (selling my handpan):


  • Cost: $3,500.
  • 9 Notes: (F) Bb C D E F G A C.
  • Scale: F Major, SaByeD
  • Material: Nitrited Steel.
  • Unique copper Ring and bronze sheen
  • Engraved Bottom
  • Color: Bronze Sheen on purplish top and blue-like bottom.
  • Excellent Condition.
  • Case by Hardcase Technologies
  • Shipping: Continental USA
  • Carrier: Fedex or UPS.

This is a great sounding HandPan. There is no dampening mechanism needed on the inner chamber like in many other handpans. It is the perfect size for comfortable lap playing.

Who is this List For?

You might want to buy a handpan from this selection if one or more of these apply:

  1. You want to get one right now. You don’t have the patients to be on a waiting list that could drag on for years.
  2. You are prudent or of modest means. You don’t want to spend $3,000 to $10,000 to buy a handpan. You simply want to find something affordable.
  3. You can make do with an instrument of lesser quality. After all, you drive a regular auto instead of a Ferrari.

If you can afford the Ferrari, visit our guide on how to find a top-quality handpan for sale.

Prefer Auctions?

Auction lists provide more selections that cover a wider range within the price/quality matrix:

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Buy a Handpan From This List

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Bali Steel Pan

I once had a Bali Steel and it served its purpose.

From $1,998. These hand pans are shaped by hand on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Typically, includes a soft bag.

Gudu tuning: D / A C D E F G A C (Get it on Amazon.)

Shang Diao: F / Bb C Eb F G# Bb C Eb (Get it on Amazon)

Ake Bono: F / Bb B D Eb F F# G# Bb (Get it on Amazon)


From $2,050. They are nitrided instruments from Russia. Soft bag included.

E Minor: E B C D E F# G A B (Get it on Amazon)

G minor: Bb C D F G A# C D (Get it on Amazon)

D Minor Kurd: D A Bb C D E F G A (Get it on Amazon)

E Minor Celtic: E D B A G F# E D B (Get it on Amazon)

Sky Drum

From $1,680. Nitrided and made in Vietnam. Includes softcase and cover shell.

D minor: D / A C D F G A C D (Get it on Amazon)


From $3,299. A hard case is included. Nitrided.

AEOLIAN (G) C D E F G Ab Bb C (Get it on Amazon)

More options

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Steel Tongue Drum | The Alternative

If you can’t afford to buy a handpan, steel tongue drums are the next best thing at a much better price.

Dennis Havlena is credited as the inventor of the first steel tongue drum. Inspired by circular note layout of a hand pan, he decided to build his instrument from an old propane tank. That is why they are sometimes referred to as Tank Drums. Some people call them Hank drums.

Tongue drums are not handpans. However, sellers usually include the term in the description to pull in people looking to buy one. Some steel tongue drums are simply beautiful.


See the full list of Guda Drums

Get it on Amazon

Learn how to play handpan (hang drum)

I recommend David Charrier’s online courses on Master The Handpan.

Here’s a coupon code for $30: AOXOA. You can use on any course.

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