Handpan & Hang Music

Handpan Hang Music

Introduction: Handpan & Hang Music

Discover the unique melodies of the Hang (drum), Halo, Bells, SPB, Saraz and other handpans.  Introduced to the world in 2001, these are the new instruments of the millennium that are winning hearts all over the world.

This post will introduce you to the artist and musicians who specialize in handpan and Hang music. Website links and YouTube clips are presented.

My favorite handpan players

Jeremy Arndt:  http://www.JeremyArndt.com

Dante Bucci:  http://www.dantebucci.com

Robin Burk:  http://robinburk.com/

Manu Delago:  http://www.manudelago.com 

Colin Foulke:  http://www.handpanfan.com/

David Kuckhermann:  http://www.framedrums.net

Davide Swarup:  http://www.davideswarup.com

Dan Waples:  http://www.hanginbalance.com

Nadishana – Kuckhermann:  http://www.hang-duo.com

More Handpan Topics

Hangism and Panism

Hangism and Panism is a work of art (or design) created by using a single digital image of a PanArt Hang or handpan. The image is duplicated, flipped, rotated, moved, and layered as needed. And, various adjustment details are applied.

Visit the online store for Hangism prints.

Visit the online store for Panism prints.


Thanks for learning about Handpan & Hang Music

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