RPgea2: A Handpan Gathering



RPgea2 was a handpan gathering located at Flintrock Heaven, RP’s custom built house in southwest Austin, Texas. It took place on April 13, 2014 from 3pm until 10:30pm.  Like the first RPgea, the celebrations included a potluck dinner and live, improvisational music featuring idiophones, which are commonly referred to as handpans.

In an atmosphere of big-ticket events like Hangout UK, Hangout USA, Pantasia, Song of the forest and Handpangea, RPgea exist as a refreshingly old school get together; A free gathering of handpan enthusiast, players and friends.

Jeremy Dinieri organized the event via the Texas Handpan Cabal facebook group.

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Handpan & Hang Music

Handpan Hang Music

Introduction: Handpan & Hang Music

Discover the unique melodies of the Hang (drum), Halo, Bells, SPB, Saraz and other handpans.  Introduced to the world in 2001, these are the new instruments of the millennium that are winning hearts all over the world.

This post will introduce you to the artist and musicians who specialize in handpan and Hang music. Website links and YouTube clips are presented.

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