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Radlicht LED wheel lights for a bicycle

Many cyclists and artist use LED wheel lights and LED frame lights to transform bicycles into mesmerizing light spectacles. Adding style and personal expression to bicycles using LEDs is slowly growing in popularity.

Owl Bike by Jeremy Rosen with Austin Bike Zoo

This owl bike, created by Jeremy Rosen, is an extreme example of an artist using LED lighting as a style feature. See his work for the Austin Bike Zoo.

Upgrading and individualizing a bike with LED lights can be accomplished as a DIY project or through buying a kit. As a DIY project, you will need to develop a knowledge base and source your own materials. Alternately, LED bike kits supply everything you will need along with instructions. Several companies offer LED bike kits and each provides a certain look or style. You can add LED lights to the wheels and/or to the bike frame.

Radlicht LED Wheel Lights for Bicycle

Check out this clip of Radlicht LED wheel lights on my Schwinn Stingray by Orange County Chopper.

Radlicht: http://radlicht.com/

Radlicht makes some of the best-looking and unique LED wheel lights. They are unique because of the spoke-mounted design. The system features a set of 9 LED-illuminated tubes that attach to spokes around the wheel.

Unlike various competitors who make LED gadgets that attach to one spoke, the Radlicht system doesn’t require the wheel to spin in order to create an effect.

Radlicht LED wheel lights for a bicycle

Basically you get a two for one with Radlicht wheel lights: A stationary effect of colored spokes radiating from the hub and a wheel spinning effect that can create an appearance of a brightly lit, colored disk.

Radlicht LED wheel lights for a bike

Radlicht LED bike lights for a bicycle wheel

Currently, Radlicht is still a very small company with founder Artur Ragulskyi in Germany and CFO Igor Komisarov based in the USA. The initial product launch was crowd funded through Kickstarter. There is speculation that a competitor seeks to tarnish the reputation of Radlicht by posting negative reviews on reddit, etc….

My experience with Radlicht’s LED wheel lights is positive.  The newest design, dubbed Wheelscreen, improved the battery mount, holder and life.

Wheelscreen – Bicycle Wheel Lighting System. It makes nighttime bike riding Fun, Bright, Unique!”

LED Wheel lights for Bicycle – Other

The following is a list of companies that offer LED wheel lights for bicycles.  As you explore the different styles notice how unique the Radlicht system is for LED wheel lights.

Check this clip of some cool little LED wheel lights (sweet music too).

LED Frame & Wheel lights for Bicycle

A list of companies that offer LED lights for bike frames and sometimes including the wheels.

Check out the LED wheel lights and LED frame lights on this bicycle.  He even added an iPod dock with speakers to go along with the Glow Candy Bike Lights.

LED Bike Lights – DIY

This list is for the DIY people who want to source the components to design a better product or reduce cost or simply for the challenge.

Instructables.com – a great place to learn

YouTube – another resource for ideas

This clip shows how to install an LED strip (etc…) onto a bike.

Other resources and Info

 Cool Bicycle Accessories

Radlicht LED Wheel Lights Article

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