Switch between two versions of iTunes


iTunes | Using Two Versions

This post is for those using the dot-method to revert to iTunes 10.7.  One reason people revert to iTunes 10.7 is because it is a superior way to manage a very large music library.  However, these same people probably use modern apple devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc…).

If you only have one computer, it is possible to create two iTunes libraries. Then switch between iTunes 12 and iTunes 10.7.

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Downgrade or Revert from iTunes 12 to iTunes 10.7

Revert from iTunes 12 to iTunes 10.7 downgrade

Revert from iTunes 12.3 to iTunes 10.7

Are you finally upgrading to OS X Yosemite? You know the drill: each time you install a major release of OS X you automatically get an updated iTunes. As a die-hard devotee of iTunes 10.7 you’ll want to revert from iTunes 12 to iTunes 10.7.  Do you need a Yosemite download?  Search for it you will find it. 

You’ll want to rollback without loosing Mac App Store’s (MAS) functionality. MAS is Apple’s delivery mechanism for all its applications, system software and security updates.

Unlike most guides, this one shows you how to revert from iTunes 12 to 10.7 without loosing important functionality of Yosemite’s MAS. You will also learn how to cure any download issues that you may encounter.

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Downgrade from iTunes 11 to iTunes 10.7, rollback, revert

Revert iTunes 10 Rollback itunes 11 downgrade

Downgrade from iTunes 11 to iTunes 10.7

Downgrade from iTunes 11?  I know, iTunes 11 has been out for a while and Apple even has an iTunes 12.

Most people seem to think those are great. You and I are different. We hated iTunes 11 and we have our reasons. We’ve read negative reviews about the iTunes 12 versions.

For people like us it is not really a downgrade from iTunes 11 to iTunes 10.7. It is really a rollback or a revert to iTunes 10.7.

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