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Panism handpan art by AoxoA Hooper

Panism – Handpan Art

Panism can be categorized as handan art. It starts off as a single image of a handpan. The image is duplicated, flipped, rotated, moved, and layered as needed. Various adjustment details are also applied.  Each design takes many, many, many hours to complete.

The Hangism Connection

Panism is inspired by another form of handpan art called Hangism. The difference being that hangism is made using a single image of a PanArt Hang as a base. Panism is more general—-any brand of handpan can be used as the starting point.

Panism Batch 1 Series

The Batch I Series was originally created as visual projections for a sold out performance by a percussion duo named More Than Physics. The venue featured a digital dome theater with a 4k by 4k structure with almost 180 degrees of view.

For this batch, Clint Willcox—a member of More Than Physics—provided an image of his Pantheon Steel Halo.

Panism Prints For Sale

Handpan art makes an excellent gift and is a great way to enrich your space.  It is a true pleasure to offer these for sale.

Batch 1 series is available in two print mediums and a range of sizes. Prints are made from high-resolution files for optimum quality.

Below is the Panism Batch I collection.  Click on any image to view the product details, pricing, etc…

Excellent Details

Look at these close ups of Panism I.  Most images contain smooth and an oil paint texture. The effects are wonderful.

handpan art by Austin Photographer AoxoA Hooper

Handpan art detail by AoxoA Hooper

Panism I detail handpan art by AoxoA Hooper

You want something different?

Custom orders are welcome.  Would you like a different crop or size.  No problem. Maybe you want a version using an image of your own pan.  No Problem.  Have another idea, like a CD cover?  Ooooh, yeah, no problem.

Contact me by email to discuss.

Thank you

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